Professional Services & Property

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services is the most dominant sector of the Port Phillip economy, generating 19,921 (22.9%) local jobs in 2012/13 and almost 22% of registered businesses in the municipality.

Creative Industries

Creative Industries account for one-third of economic activity in Port Phillip.

Flow-on benefits from Creative Industry businesses include purchases of goods and services and the local consumption spending of employees. 

These activities generate ‘indirect employment’ accounting for 14,100 jobs on top of the ‘direct employment’ of 12,700 employees in the sector.

Port Phillip is a ‘Creative City’ in a national context with Creative Industries accounting for 15% of employment compared with 9% in Inner Melbourne. 

The City accounts for nearly 13% of all Creative Industry jobs in Victoria despite accounting for less than 4% of total employment in the state and generates $3.6 billion in value added to the local economy.

The changing face of creativity

The creative arts, music, theatre, film production and advertising have long been associated with and clustered within St Kilda, South Melbourne, Albert Park and Port Melbourne.   

The latest data quantify the importance of software and interactive content development to the local creative industry.

Locally there are over 5000 jobs in software and interactive content, representing over $1.8 billion in value. Much of this activity is clustered around St Kilda Road, Queens Road and parts of South Melbourne.


Port Phillip is home to tourist attractions of state and national significance including the foreshore, St Kilda beach, Luna Park, The Palais Theatre, Gasworks Arts Park and Station Pier.

The city is also a thriving arts and entertainment hub boasting theatres, galleries, cinemas and several arts and performance spaces.

With our partners Tourism Victoria, Destination Melbourne, the Inner Melbourne Councils (IMAP Tourism Working Group), St Kilda Tourism Association, business associations and tourism operators Port Phillip is promoted as a must visit destination. 

Collaborating with Destination Melbourne, areas of Port Phillip are featured in a number of publications distributed through visitor information channels:


Retail accounts for 7% of jobs in Port Phillip. It is dispersed throughout the City with a concentration in South Melbourne influenced by the South Melbourne Market.

The following are major activity centres within the City of Port Phillip:

These are the neighbourhood activity centres:

There are also small shopping and dining strips that are emerging as activity centres, such as Inkerman Street (St Kilda), Centre Avenue (Garden City), Tennyson St (Elwood) and Mills St (Albert Park).


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