Armstrong Street, Middle Park


Middle Park facts:


Middle Park, along with neighbouring Albert Park, contains some of the best preserved terrace house and Victorian architecture in Melbourne and is part of a strict heritage-conservation area. Many of the terraces line Canterbury Road, along the former railway line, which now has several more tram stops since it was converted in 1987. Others are along the main shopping street, Armstrong Street.

Located between Port Phillip and Albert Park Lake, which is about halfway across the western side of the Albert Park Reserve (a state park), hence the name "Middle" Park. It is bordered by Canterbury Road to the north, Mills Street to the north-west, Fraser Street to the south-west and Beaconsfield Parade to the south.

The fine old buildings and new developments are generally sympathetic to the prevailing style, driving up real-estate prices dramatically, in marked contrast with neighbouring St Kilda.

Middle Park also prides itself on its relaxed relationship with the more raffish charms of St Kilda. With Fitzroy Street forming its southern border, Middle Park attracts residents and visitors who enjoy a comfortable and friendly culture. Armstrong Street is the hub of this culture and offers a myriad of specialist retail offerings, eating-out options and general convenience shopping.

Only a short stroll from the foreshore on one side and the picturesque Albert Park on the other side, Middle Park has developed a reputation for shops that specialise in leisure activities for the many visitors who flock to this picturesque bayside suburb. There are also many retail stores and service businesses that meet the everyday needs of this bustling community.

Getting there

Tram - 96

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